Gold Jewellery

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The Best Ways to Clean Gold Jewellery

Gold, unlike silver and platinum, can often last for years with minimal need for cleaning – but once oxygen is able to settle into the mineral structure of gold jewellery, it can often result in pitting and deterioration if left untreated. The techniques used to clean gold can differ greatly from maintaining other types of jewels and precious metals.

This is because of the softer composition of gold and the higher the carat (or percentage of gold in weight), the softer the material can be. As a result, it’s never a good idea to use hard or abrasive chemicals when cleaning the precious metal, with most experts recommending pH neutral formulas to avoid any damage.

Cleaning gold wedding rings from home can be one of the most effective ways to keep jewels shiny and sparkling and below is a list of a few of the most beneficial techniques for cleaning gold

Every day liquid dish detergent

Most cleaning agents will be made using oil based chemicals – and oil can play a major role in the health and appearance of gold. By squeezing a few drops of detergent into warm water, gold can be dropped in with minimal concern. Once soaked for 15 minutes, a soft toothbrush or a cloth can be used to buff the surface to a shine, with the detergent helping to break dirt and debris down in the process.

Using ammonia

Ammonia is often added to hair dye to help to strip pigmentation from follicles, but when used alongside warm water, it can be diluted to an even safer level for use with gold. The chemical is nowhere near as abrasive on its own as it is when used with hydrogen peroxide, so the concern is minimal. In many cases gold can simply be left in a solution for 15 to 30 minutes and then rinsed clean, where all dirt and grime can be lifted away as the gold is rinsed.

Cleaning gold rings that feature gem stones

Some gem stones can suffer with adverse effects when exposed to particular chemicals, and any rings, necklaces and bracelets that feature gems and crystals might need special care and attention when cleaning. The best thing to use is every day bathroom soap – with the types that contain natural ingredients being a little more effective. Just placing a bar of soap into warm water along with jewellery can offer great results, but it’s also possible to use a soft brush to further clean the gems if they require.

As mentioned initially, gold can be fairly easy to maintain; especially when purchased at a high quality from a reputable jeweller selling quality wedding and engagement rings. The oils that are secreted from human skin can be enough to keep gold clean, but whenever the material can do with a touch up, any of the above techniques can be more than sufficient

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