Vintage Wedding Rings

Which Types of Metal Can a Vintage Diamond Wedding Ring be Made From?

For millennia diamonds have been used to create the perfect wedding rings to represent wealth and class, and although far more common these days, there’s still no denying that a great looking diamond wedding ring can be captivating to say the least. Although diamonds are by far one of the most expensive precious gemstones in the world, they can vary in price – and a lot of that has to do with the following two things:

  1. The quality of the diamond; with larger, clearer stones being far more sought after than lesser alternatives
  2. The material used for the ring itself

There are many different types of precious metals that can go hand in hand with diamonds; from gold and silver, right through to platinum, steel and even titanium. The real skill comes from the craftsman or jeweller, an individual that will typically be tasked with setting the stones and ensuring that the finished ring is of as high a quality as possible.

So, which types of metal can be used for rings that feature these precious stones?

As briefly mentioned above, there are many metals to choose from and each will typically bring its own benefits to the table.


For those that want to keep their costs lower, whilst taking advantage of the dirt and stain resistant properties of silver; this option could well be the way to go. Silver comes in different qualities and depending on the manufacturer, it will typically be graded and stamped accordingly. There’s no denying that the sight of a silver wedding ring featuring a stunning diamond can be an appealing sight to behold.


The most common type of metal for use with these types of precious stones is gold. Although more expensive than silver; gold is an iconic metal associated with weddings. Where some people purchase silver rings for an engagement, gold is often used to solidify the marriage itself. And as this metal can be heated and shaped with relative simplicity, it’s a favourite amongst artisans and jewellers.


Even more expensive than gold, whilst retaining the lustre and shine of silver; platinum is becoming increasingly popular for wedding jewellery. It’s a very pure form of ore and takes a long time to process and refine, which could explain why it can be so expensive. It can make a fantastic item of jewellery however, and with the right maintenance it could retain its appearance for decades without fading.


Titanium is one of the strongest metals available to mankind, thanks in no small part to its high carbon content. It can be polished to an excellent shine and will deflect chips and damage from impact far more effectively than all of the aforementioned precious metals. But is it expensive – and so many opt for silver if they want a lighter colour to their ring, or gold if they’d prefer yellower tones instead.