Local Fabrics

Our Gallery specialises in Aboriginal Art and Australiana Designs on 100% fine cotton fabric.

I opened my shop in October 2005 to extend my clothing & repair business and sell a small amount of aboriginal fabric.The repairs were soon put in the background by the demand for the stunning Aboriginal fabrics that I sold & framed and hung on the walls. A customer told me the name of Dianne’s Repairs did not do the shop justice, and I should call it, The Aboriginal Fabric Gallery. I took her advice and the Aboriginal Fabric Gallery was born.

The interesting fabrics are prints of original indigenous art designs using exciting colours that work so well together. A large percentage of the designs originated in the Australian centre including the Uluru area, more commonly known as Ayers Rock.

Aboriginal Fabric Gallery is located in Gregory Tce. a few doors from the Todd Mall in ALICE SPRINGS, Northern Territory, THE HEART OF AUSTRALIA.

The Aboriginal Fabric Gallery is with-in walking distance from the Todd river where the famous “Henley On Todd” is held every year, much to the delight of tourist to the Alice. We have a good range of fat 1/4’s & fat 1/8’s and also packs of assorted matching fabric for Quilters & Patch workers. The extensive use of natures colours mean they all go together beautifully and work so well in quilts.