Pure Linen Quilts & Bedding

Pay attention to the stitching pattern

Most linen fabrics are manufactured in a similar style, but there are times where stitching may differ – particularly around the hems. If you plan on using your linen for bedding, then it’s fairly safe to say that the pattern or direction of the stitching won’t play that big a role in your decision. If you’re hoping to order a few sheets of linen to create particular items (curtains, drapes, clothing and so on), then the pattern is worth thinking about. The finer the pattern, the less noticeable the stitching will be – which can be very important for items that will be looked at often.

Choosing quality fabric doesn’t have to be a hard decision. The best thing to do is to identify its use. Secondly, pick a suitable colour or tone and then finally focus on the composition of the material; including stitching patterns and material thickness. All three can be covered when buying fabrics online, as the provider will typically provide information relating to each element.